Dunthorpe Remodel

Dunthorpe Remodel Living Room

Built in the 1910s, this house had undergone several major additions and remodels. This remodel re-arranged the interior, created better interior spaces, and highlighted the unique setting on the Willamette River.

This remodel relocated the front entrance and dining room, added a master suite, renovated the kitchen, added an elevator, reconfigured the living room with a wooden truss vaulted ceiling, and added new stone masonry to the exterior and living room fireplace.


Portland, Oregon


Green Gables Design and Restoration, Dave Lucas, project manager


Corky Miller

Dunthorpe Entry Courtyard

Entry courtyard after renovation, seen from the door to the street (front door relocated, tower added, new stone masonry). 

Entry courtyard before renovation, new masonry detail, new entry and tower
New Entry Alcove

Alcove in new entry hall. 

Entry before renovation
Before: Dining room before renovation and conversion into entry hall.

Entry hall after renovation
After: New entry hall after renovation (previously the dining room).

Dunthorpe Grand Staircase

Grand staircase after renovation, looking up.

Staircase detail. Materials and craftsmanship were given particular attention in this project, with an emphasis on durability and livability.

Dunthorpe Remodeled Kitchen

Remodeled kitchen showing main work area.