Colfax ADU

Colfax ADU Portland Oregon Architecture Carl Munz

“A perfect example of architecture. The design obviously works, it flows — but it's also beautiful.”

This ADU replaced an old garage. To avoid eating up a small site it was located 1' from the property line, as the garage had been. This triggered an extreme height limit and required a firewall (no openings) on the east side. The main living floor is a one-room cabin in the city opening out to its garden, with a staircase leading down to the bedroom and bathroom.


Portland, Oregon


Barry S. King Construction


Evan Benally Atwood

Portland's Best ADU exterior front entry

Most ADU's consume their setting; this one doesn't. The design preserves garden space for both the main house and the ADU.

Colfax ADU garden

Garden side of Colfax ADU

Portland ADU Interior Perspective

Interior perspective. "The design obviously works, it flows - but it's also beautiful..."

ADU Great Room

The great room includes kitchen, dining, living room, window seat, and generous exterior views.

ADU great room natural light

Great room viewed in natural light. Down staircase is surrounded by shelving.

Architect Custom ADU Design Portland Oregon bathrooms

Bathrooms: upstairs half bath (left); downstairs full bath (right)


Staircase down to daylight basement living quarters