Alder Commons

Alder Commons Cottage Cluster Multi-Units

This cottage cluster involved site planning and architectural design for ten urban cottages of two floorplan types, on Orcas Island.

The site plan preserves a wetland as communal greenspace, with site plan and design optimized to create views and privacy for each home. 'Cedar Cottages' are approximately 2150 sq. ft. with three bedrooms; ‘Alder Cottages’ are 1850 sq. ft. with two bedrooms.


Eastsound, Orcas Island, Washington


N.W. Craftsman LLC


John Altberg

Cedar Cottages

'Cedar Cottages' are approximately 2150 sq. ft. with one bedroom on the main floor and two bedrooms upstairs. Due to site layout the garage had to be in front, so the arch is used as a device to prevent the garage door from being the primary element on this elevation. 

Alder Cottages Dining and Living Room

The dining area exemplifies the potential for overlapping uses which makes a small house work well: there is a comfortable south-facing window seat, as well as enough wallspace for an upright piano.

Alder Cottages Dining Room and Kitchen

'Alder' cottage, dining room looking toward kitchen.

Alder Cottages

'Alder Cottages' are approximately 1850 sq. ft. with two bedrooms upstairs. The site plan creates semi-private gardens between houses from which the front porch is entered. Each house has a view south to the water. Communal greenspace is to the right.

Alder Cottages Driveway Loop

'Alder Cottages' garages are subordinate to the entry gardens and the front porches.