Columbia River Gorge House

Columbia River Gorge house

This 3400 square foot house seeks to match the power and beauty of its forested 18 acre site overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.

It is located on the historic 1915 Columbia River Scenic Highway, which provided inspiration on how the manmade can complement the natural. The house draws upon Cascadian buildings such as Timberline Lodge as well as traditional shingle-style architecture for its detailing and character. Co-Designer: Hans Kretschmer.


Corbett, Oregon


Hereford Construction

Columbia River Gorge house kitchen porch

The house cross-axis aligns with Mount Adams, visible approximately 60 miles to the northeast.

Living room overlooks Columbia River

Internally, the plan revolves around the two-story living room, which most of the other rooms open off or overlook.  With a super-scaled two-story window, the living room itself looks out to the Columbia River. 

Living Room Fireplace Inglenook

The living room fireplace is situated in an inglenook, opposite of the great landscape window.

Design and Construction Details Beams and Railing

Living room showing beam details and second story railing.

Master Bedroom

 The master bedroom also has a fireplace.

Dining Room

The dining room has windows on three sides, and a built-in sideboard on the fourth.

Campground Forest Shelter

The project included designing a Forest Shelter below the house.